Gun Control Should be the same​ In the US

The use and ownership of guns in America is a controversial topic. Here are my views.

I believe that every person over the age of 18 without a serious criminal record should have access to a non-semi-automatic weapon.

The US constitution’s second Amendment states: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. There is argument that this Amendment is not included as an individual right. However, the case of District of Columbia Vs Heller concluded that the Second Amendment did contain an individual right. Meaning that all individuals have a right to bear arms.

Every person should have a right to defend themselves.  William Blackstone, an English Jurist and had a large influence on the drafters of the US constitution, concluded that self-defense was the “Primary law of nature” announcing that no man-made law could take this away. A controversial Law is the stand-your-ground law. This law states that no person has a duty to retreat in the face of threat or perceived threat. This law is a good law as it helps people to protect others. An example of the use of stand-your-ground laws is the 2006 Florida case of Lee County Justice vs Magillan shows us how the use of this law protected a civilian by killing a shooter. The accused was acquitted of murder under the stand-your-ground law. Without this law, many people may have been killed.

Guns may have the power to kill people but they themselves do not kill someone has to be the one to pull the trigger. We don’t need to restrict the guns we need to restrict the guns we need to restrict the people.





Australia’s Refugee Crisis

Australia has a large refugee crisis. The country is divided. Some people want more people to be allowed to come into the country while others do not want refugees to come. I would not like to see as many refugees come into our country.

Upon arrival or attempted arrival refugees are sent away to detention centres to be processed. The most common and controversial is the Australian detention centre located on the small nation island of Nauru. Refugee advocates have protested against Australia’s move to open the detention centre, causing the closing of it in 2008 before the reopening in 2012. Advocates complained about the lack of decent human rights and how about the ‘poor’ conditions that the asylum seekers and refugees were forced to live in. Nine Network’s A Current Affair aired an episode on the Nauru detention centre. This episode showed a different side to the dirty and ‘inhumane’ conditions that the Australian Government ‘forces’ the refugees to live in. The refugees were forced to live in fully equipped kitchens and bedrooms. All residents were able to access the gym with full gym equipment, with treadmills, cross trainers lifting machines etc. Refugees that were settled on Nauru complained about these conditions and said that they would “Prefer to go back then to Australia”. It’s this kind of attitude that should not be allowed in our country.

Now I’m not a racist and it’s not that I don’t want anyone to come into our country it’s just that at a time like this when the no one can be trusted we should be taking extreme care as to who we should be allowing into out country. We do not want to end up like the state France is in.